Reading a book using the Pomodoro technique

Reading a book using the Pomodoro technique

Read a book can be hard for someone people, for other not so much. The question is that read a book in continuos way sometimes can be complicated for both, considering the distractions in routine that make us unfocused and the tiredness provided from intelectual effortless if we stay a long time reading something.

In this weekend I experienced some aspects of the Pomodoro technique to read a book.

About the Pomodoro technique

The Pomodoro technique is a method for manage the time that help directly for productivity to do tasks. It helps to avoid tiredness and distraction because it has short breaks that help to keep focus and energy necessary to do all task.

See bellow a short video that explains how the Pomodoro technique works:

In a practice, we work 25 focused minutes in the task and we have 5 minutes break.

The experience that I had with Pomodoro technique

Below I will showing my experience with Pomodoro technique. It’s important to say that I have not used all aspects of methodology. I looked to the most important aspects that really make difference in proposed task.

Defining the goal

Book - Inside Steve's Brain
Book – Inside Steve’s Brain

Before start any task using Pomodoro, It’s good way define the goal. With the goal, you know exactly where you want to achieve e when you need to stop. In this case, my goal was read “Inside Steve’s Brain” with 240 pages.

Preparing the environment

In this step I have prepared the work environment to avoid interruptions. This depend of the task, in our example, I needed only the book and concentration, that is, any other things like: internet, social networks, people, e-mails was distraction.

In this way, I turned off smartphone notifications, I closed the door of my bedroom, I sat in comfortable way and I chose a nice and relax instrumental music to help in concentration, specifically this playlist on Spotify.

Setting the timer

Configurando o timer no Pomodoro

In this step I configured the timer to 25 minutes as proposed in Pomodoro technique. In my case, I used an App for android called Clear Focus, great for Pomodoro technique. The tip is use something that notify when you completed one Pomodoro session and when the break finish.

Focused Work

Trabalho focado usando a técnica de Pomodoro
Focused Wok using the Pomodoro Technique

In this step is where the work really happens in fact during 25 minutes configured in the timer. I tried to respect this period, even when the reading was great, because the methodology says: “the break is precious to avoid tiredness and performance loss.”

5 minutes rest

After each reading session (25 minutes), I had 5 minutes pause. I spend this time to relax, go to the bathroom, check social networks, etc.

20 – 30 minutes rest

When I completed 4 sessions reading, I got a long break, that is 20 – 30 minutes. I enjoyed this time to have a breakfast, dinner, relax, check social networks, go to the bathroom, etc. This period helps to gain a extra energy, allowing a brain rest and stability to continue the journey.


After a long journey of 5:52hs, I finished the book. The interesting part of use the App is that it showed statistics of working. See below:

Quantidade de sessões completas utilizando a Técnica de Pomodoro
Sessions that I completed using the Pomodoro technique
Período de tempo trabalhado utilizando a Técnica de Pomodoro
Working time using the Pomodoro technique

With this statistics I know how much time I used to complete the work and how much Pomodoros I needed to achieve the goal.


The Pomodoro technique was a nice method to read a book. Because It help me to stay focused in reading for a long time and to enjoy the content of the book because the break contributed to keep energy, and helped the brain stay rested to receive new informations.

Obviously that some things that I said here don’t make sense for you, because each people have different habits and characteristics that facilitate our not the use of this technique.

I hope that you enjoyed something in this post and incorporates the Pomodoro technique to read your books 🙂

Source of search: The Pomodoro Technique

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